Learn How to Sail

learn to sail | lake lanierIt takes a special set of skills to operate a sailboat or catamaran. These beautiful boats are more sophisticated and more hands-on than driving a traditional boat like a pontoon or ski boat. Sailboats and catamarans are the most luxurious, beautiful boats on Lake Lanier – and at Sunrise Sail, we give you the opportunity to step aboard and take the wheel.

With a variety of affordable sailing lessons, we help you gain the skills and know-how to control a cruising-class sailboat vessel. As Lake Lanier’s premier catamaran and sailboat academy, our team helps families and friends live their dream without breaking the bank. We offer convenient membership plans for all levels of sailing experience. Want to learn how to sail this summer? Join our sailing lessons and pick a day to get hands-on training with one of our experts. Already know how to sail? Sign up for a membership plan and rent any boat from our fleet up to 7 times per month.

Sailing Lessons in Georgia

Operating a sailboat is a unique boating experience unlike any other. You need special training to learn how to launch, learn how to use the wind to control the vessel, and learn how to dock. With our fast, ASA-certified training course, Sunrise Sail teaches you the basics of sailboat operation in just a few short hours. From technical terms to basic controls, we give you the knowledge and skills to sail onto Lake Lanier like a pro.

Schedule your lessons online or contact our team for more information about catamaran sailing lessons. Our training courses start with basics: ASA 101 Basic Keel Boat Certification. As you get more experience, you move into more advanced lessons like ASA 114 Cruising Catamaran course, where you learn how to operate in heavy winds (up to 30 knots) and rough waters. Start your sailing lessons today at Sunrise Sail! View our entire course list.

Operate a Catamaran or Sailboat on Lake Lanier

Already know how to sail? Finished with your training? Sunrise Sail offers convenient booking options and cheap membership plans to use a vessel whenever you want. Book your boating time, drive to Lake Lanier, and enjoy the weather aboard your private vessel. Only a short drive from Metro Atlanta, Lake Lanier is the #1 destination for sailboat rentals and our team has the largest fleet of luxury catamarans and sailboats.

Ready to book your next catamaran outing? Invite your friends and bring your family. Contact us today to reserve!