Sunrise Sail Membership

  • Simply Enjoy!

    The Sunrise Sail program is great for busy individuals, who simply want to enjoy a top quality sailing experience. We take care of the boat; you use and enjoy it.

  • No Hassle of Ownership

    Enjoy time on the water with friends and family with none of the financial risk or ownership hassle.  This club is for the sailor who wants a fully provisioned yacht to use as little as a couple of hours for a quick sail or up to seven days and nights in a row for a full week.

  • Fully Loaded Sailing Yachts

    Our fleet currently has four fully loaded Hunter sailing yachts; a brand new 41 Deck Salon, two 33s and one nearly new 2011 Hunter 31. These cruising boats are a pure joy to sail on the lake.

  • No Experience Necessary

    We provide training by our own ASA certified SunRise Sailing Academy.

Superior Sailing

at a Fraction of the Cost of Ownership

Gemini Legacy 35 Catamaran

SILVER (Economy) $425 /month
GOLD (Standard) $695 /month

Hunter 41DS

SILVER (Economy) $425 /month
GOLD (Standard) $695 /month

Hunter 33

SILVER (Economy) $350 /month
GOLD (Standard) $535 /month

Hunter 31

SILVER (Economy) $265 /month
GOLD (Standard) $435 /month

Sunrise Sail SILVER (Economy) Level

Ideal for the member with limited opportunity for sailing during a given 30 days 3 Segments per month, one being a premium Segment, no borrowing, and pay as you go for as available usage ($195 for the 31, $220 for the 33 and $330 for the 41 DS per additional sailing event w/ 24hr reservation).

Sunrise Sail GOLD (Standard) Level

7 Segments per month, 2 are premium Segments, borrowing allowed from the past and future month, and unlimited as available usage, (No additional charge w/ 36hr reservation).

Hunter 31, 33, 41DS and Gemini Legacy 35

Membership Levels

Choose a membership that is right for you (guaranteed times shown)

Membership requires a one-time Training and Initiation Fee, fees may be less for Qualified Skippers depending on Skill and Certification level (payment options available), and 
Annual Membership Fee. Prices shown do not include Georgia state sales tax. Annual memberships – 1 year term.

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Need Sailing Lessons?

We are proud to be an ASA Certified Training Facility offering Learn to Sail and Advanced Sailing courses  through our local US Coast Guard Licensed Captains, ASA Certified training instructors and facilities.