Learning to Sail Can Be a Breeze

Exciting SailingOne of the most beautiful sights you will ever see is a sailboat skimming gracefully across the water. It’s a sight that stirs the senses and brings to mind thoughts of freedom, peace and epic adventures. We often view the people involved in sailing with envy and wish we had the time, money and ability to learn to operate a yacht ourselves. Fortunately, learning to sail can be a breeze with the right instruction and equipment.

Time Requirements

Many sailing schools and clubs would have you think that it takes weeks of classes to learn the basics of sailing. This is often because they pack their classes with as many students as possible, and you therefore get little to no individual attention. SunRise Sail encourages students to take private lessons (at prices that are comparable to other schools’ group lessons) so that you can progress at your own speed and comfort level.  Small group classes are available that typically are limited to only two students per boat and are offered at a discounted rate.  If you can find the time to invest in a weekend class and a couple of practice sessions, you will be ready to sail Lake Lanier on your own!

Classes and Certifications

Classes are available in ASA Basic Keelboat, ASA Basic Coastal Cruising, and ASA Basic Coastal Navigation. The ASA Basic Keelboat course guarantees certification with extra instruction and re-testing available in the event that the certification test is not passed the first time.

Financial Requirements

Sailing has a reputation for being an activity that is reserved for the very wealthy, but that reputation is changing thanks to SunRise Sailing Club. SunRise Sail maintains a fleet of boats that are available to students and club members. This takes care of the need to rent a slip, buy a boat and keep up to date on maintenance and safety equipment. SunRise Sail takes care of these expenses for you, and you only need to reserve a boat when you want to go for a sail.  SunRise Sail Academy boats are older model Hunter yachts that are well appointed and beautifully maintained. Once you have progressed beyond the student level and are a member of the sailing club, you will be able to use a yacht from the Freetime Fleet. These boats are older model Hunter and Catalina yachts that are equipped with all the amenities you will need to enjoy a worry free day on the lake.

Skill Requirements

Sailing terminology and the ability to handle the sails, lines, and rigging can seem mysterious and complex. Finding the right instruction is important. SunRise Sailing Academy is a certified American Sailing Association (ASA) school, and its instructors are all ASA certified. Their attention to detail and safety will ensure that you develop the skills needed to take a relaxing sail around the lake or an exhilarating turn in a sailboat race.

If learning to sail has been an unrealized dream, it is time to take on the challenge! SunRise Sail will give you all the tools you need to turn your dream of sailing the open waters into a reality!