Bring your friends. Invite your family. Sail on Lake Lanier at a fraction of the price.

Share a boat on lake lanierWhat’s keeping you from enjoying the summer on Lake Lanier? Don’t know how to sail? Don’t want to spend the money on a brand-new boat? With Sunrise Sail Boat Share Program, you can finally enjoy the lake at an affordable price. As a boat-share member, we handle all the maintenance issues while you worry about having fun. At rates starting as low at $99/month, you can team up with other members to hop aboard our fleet of luxurious catamarans and sailboats.

How it works…

Boat sharing programs are the most popular way to enjoy hassle-free, low-cost sailing. Rather than buying a brand new boat, you and other members will schedule dates and times you want to use the boat. Simply show up and start sailing. During your reserved times, you can use the sailboat as your own, then tomorrow another member may use the boat. Boat-sharing programs help lower overall costs for members while ensuring the boat is in top-notch condition on a daily basis. We offer two membership plans based on the type of boat you want to sail:

  • General Sailing Club – FreeTime Fleet: Starting as low as $99/month, you have access to sailboats in our FreeTime Fleet. After you pass training and certification, you can start sailing boats like the Catalina 27 and Hunter Cherubini 27. For Full Access Membership, you have access to 7 sailboats at just $225/month. Reserve your boat online up to 2 weeks in advance.
  • Premium Sailing Club – Sunrise Sail Fleet: Starting as low as $265/month for our SILVER Membership Plan and $434/month for our GOLD Membership Plan, you can also hop aboard our line of luxurious yachts and catamarans. Members qualify for our Premium Sunrise Sail Fleet after passing training and certification. SILVER members can reserve the boat up to 3 times per month while GOLD members can reserve the sailboat up to 7 times per month. Days & night reservations also available.

Only have time to visit Lake Lanier once or twice a month? Boat sharing gives you the flexibility to enjoy the fresh breeze and warm weather at your own convenience. Schedule with our online calendar and you’re boat will be ready the moment you get on the dock. Boat-sharing is the easiest way to get comfortable operating a sailboat and spending time with your family on the beautiful Lake Lanier, just an hour outside of Atlanta.

Boat ownership is tough. Boat sharing is easy.

From winter storage to maintenance & repairs, owning a sailboat has a set of headaches that make it difficult to relax on the lake. Boat sharing is designed to be the opposite. The crew at Sunrise Sail handles all the maintenance issues to ensure that the fleet is ready to go as soon as you arrive. Our Boat Share Program also makes sailing more accessible. If you don’t have a dock or property near Lake Lanier, then boat sharing gives you the flexibility to commute from Atlanta or other parts of Georgia.

At Sunrise Sail, we work with sailors and boaters of all experience levels. We provide on-site training courses to give you all the skills you need to maneuver the nicest catamarans on the lake. Learn a new skill and show it off to your friends and family.

Getting Started

Ready to sign up for a Boat Sharing Membership? Select the plan that’s right for you and contact our team at (770) 271-7444. Our crew will contact you shortly with training details and membership package information. Let’s go sailing. Join Sunrise Sail today!