Learning The Ropes

A First-Time Sailing Experience

Sailing LanierTaking your first step into sailing might be a hesitant one. Like thousands of other could-be sailors, there are probably dozens of questions racing through your mind. Will I be able to do it? Do I even have the money to pay for a boat?

For Mark, a 43 year-old Atlanta native, sailing was always one of those things he wanted learn, but never had time for. Mark admits, “I didn’t grow up around sailboats and yachts, so I already felt like I was at a huge disadvantage.” And for years, Mark’s unrealized passion for sailing passed him by.

It wasn’t until a casual afternoon conversation that a coworker brought up the idea of sailing. According to his friend, the boat could be used by the day, lessons were cheap, and the time spent on the lake was second to none. This wasn’t the idea of sailing that Mark had conjured for years; it seemed too convenient, too hassle-free to be a real sailing club.

Thinking it too good to be true, Mark called SunRise Sail based on the suggestion of his coworker. One year later, “it was one of the best decisions I ever made.”

From sailing terminology to navigation skills, learning how to operate a yacht takes no more than a weekend to get started. And after a couple of days of practice, nothing stands between you and the open waters of Lake Lanier.

Without having to purchase and maintain a boat of their own, sailors are finding solace in a fleet of ready-to-use boats that are available for reservations. Being a member of a casual sailing club isn’t the same as the wine-and-cheese extravaganza you see in movies – it’s simply a practical and economical way to chase your passion for sailing.

According to Mark, “sailing was never something I thought I had the patience or skill to do.” Within the first few hours of training, wrapping your head around the difference between port and starboard or jibing and tacking was surprisingly easy. As soon as you hit the water, “something just clicks. It’s a totally different experience than I ever imagined it to be.”

The hardest part of sailing, like many other things, is starting. The experiences aboard a sailboat are unforgettable and it requires a skill that never goes out of style nor ceases to impress.

Learning the ropes of a sailboat is as easy as picking up the phone and scheduling a training session with SunRise Sailing Academy. Our experienced team has spent decades on Lake Lanier and we take an individualized approach to show you the basics of boat safety and operation.

Becoming a SunRise Sail member is an exciting and economical way to live your dream without having to shell out the financial cost of an entire boat. Maintaining a yacht, paying for marina or docking fees, and the other inconveniences of owning a boat are totally taken care of by the SunRise team, ensuring that your experience on Lake Lanier is consistently fun and relaxing.

“I can’t spend more than a few weeks without going back to the lake,” concludes Mark. “I’m still amazed that I was able to pick up this skill at my age and even happier that I’ll know how to do this for the rest of my life.”