Why You Should Take Sailing Lessons

Planning to spend some time by the water for your next vacation? If the thought of spending hours on end sitting on the sand or getting knocked off your feet by huge waves doesn’t exactly thrill you, maybe you have something a little more adventurous in mind. That’s where we come in: at SunRise Sail, we know how to make your next trip to the water a fun experience for everybody. Whether you are a brand-new sailor or an experienced skipper, we offer a variety of lessons and memberships to get you started on your sailing journey. 


Worrying about your safety and the accountability of a sailing instructor is an understandable concern—especially if sailing is a new activity you want to tackle head-on. At SunRise Sailing Academy, we are proud to be certified by the American Sailing Association. Since 1983, the ASA has set nation-wide standards for sailors and sailing schools. With this certification, you can easily measure your skills as a sailor. Our instructors can help you attain an ASA 101 Basic Keel Boat, ASA 103 Basic Coastal Cruising or an ASA 105 Basic Coastal Navigation certification. With this certification, you can ensure you have received the best (and safest) sailing education. 

Affordable Sailing Classes and Memberships atlanta sailing on lake lanier

Many would-be sailors assume that lessons are too expensive to invest in—but at our academy, we offer several class options to suit your needs. Private sailing lessons are the same price or even less expensive than the other sailing school prices for group lessons and you are one on one with your instructor. Furthermore, for our group lessons, discounts are available for two or more students. Simply put, our instructors are dedicated to their students and want to ensure you are comfortable out on the water. Feel free to contact us for more pricing information.

Once you receive your ASA certification, you can also become a member of the SunRise Sail sailing clubs. For access to sailing without the hassles and cost of ownership, you can join the FreeTime Sailing Fleet. With a simple monthly membership fee you have full access to sailing at any time—just book your sailing time online. If you are toying with the idea of owning a boat but aren’t ready to make a huge commitment, you can join the SunRise Sail fractional program. This program allows you to use a boat like it’s your own. Members can reserve their boat from a day or sail up to one week, usage like it’s yours without ownership! 

Adventure Awaits!  

Perhaps the most appealing—and obvious—reason to take sailing lessons is for the experience and adventure. How many people do you know who can sail? You’d have a unique skill to brag about, and even more reasons to take that island vacation you have always dreamed about. Once you learn how to sail, the possibilities are endless. Just look at our Adventure Gallery for proof!

Who knows? You could own your own boat one day…and maybe you could name it after us.

No matter what experience you’ve had sailing, we at SunRise Sail would love to hear from you. If you are ready to get on the water and have the time of your life, visit our website or give us a call at 770-271-7444.  SunRise Sail, we make sailing easy!