Learning to Sail on Lake Lanier

Are you looking to start up a new hobby that your whole family can enjoy? Or have you just always wanted to be called “The Skipper?” Either way, sailing is one of the most adventurous and thrilling hobbies out there, so why not learn something that can get your adrenaline pumping? Like most people, you have probably never legitimately sailed on a boat. Fortunately, at SunRise Sail, we understand that not eSteady as she goesveryone knows what a boom is, and we make it our duty to make you the experienced skipper you’ve always wanted to become while also having a good, fun time. 

Isn’t It Expensive? No!

Now, you may be thinking how on earth can you afford to get into a hobby like sailing?

Well, we can answer that for you! The cost of sailing is really up to you since you can do it for no cost at all, or you can spend millions of dollars. If you want to get into sailing for free, then the best way is for you to crew for another sailor because sailing clubs all over the country are seeking new members and sailors for aiding the boats that are already sailing. Unfortunately, this method may not teach you all of the basic, important sailing techniques, and it requires a lot of time and determination.

One of the best approaches to sailing is to enroll in an accredited sailing course at a sailing school, such as SunRise Sail. SunRise Sail, located at Lake Lanier, offers several classes and payment options to suit you sailing and financial needs. We offer both private and group sailing classes. The prices for our private sailing classes are the same or cheaper than prices for group lessons at the other sailing schools. Furthermore, for our group lessons, discounts are available for two or more students. 


Since you are now excited about learning how to sail and being able to afford sailing classes, you may be wondering if our instructors are knowledgeable enough about sailing to be worth the price. Here at Sunrise Sail, we are proud to be an ASA Certified training facility with US Coast Guard licensed captains and ASA certified training instructors.

Since 1983, the American Sailing Association has continuously striven to accomplish its mission of teaching people to sail safely and confidently. When you join the ASA, you can be reassured that you are learning to how to sail and getting the best, safety-first sailing education available.

After taking our classes and becoming ASA certified, you can become a member of our Sunrise Sail Club, which allows you to enjoy a top quality sailing experience, while we take care of the boat. For full access to cruising on our vessels, you can join our FreeTime Sailing Fleet. To become a member, you just need to pay a monthly fee, which helps us maintain the boats, and you have access to most or all of our sailboats, depending on your payment plan. Once you become a member, you can easily reserve a boat of your choice through our online scheduling and reservations page.

Whether it is your first time sailing, or The Skipper learned sailing from you, we’d be honored to meet you and get sailing! So, if you are dying to sail, give us a call at 770-271-7444 today or you can visit the SunRise Sail website for more information.