SunRise Sail Owner-Member Program

owner-member sailboatsOur SunRise Sail Owner Member program allows you to own, use and enjoy a new sailboat while we take care of the hassle. You can enjoy the benefits of owning a new, fully equipped sailboat while we help pay for it.  Our program includes dockage, fuel, warranty work, preventive maintenance and more.  Own a new boat without the constant maintenance and cleaning worries. You just go sailing!

Just like other club members, our Owner-Members make online reservations for the dates and times they want to sail. Up to 8 other members, who are fully trained and certified in ASA sailboat operation, will also have the ability to reserve your boat for available time slots. These members are required to pass extensive training and sign a Member Agreement that requires them to take care of the boat to club membership standards – we take care of all the cleaning and maintenance from there. Our owner-members have the option of distributing 2 memberships to friends and family.

Becoming an owner-member helps lower the cost and work of owning a sailboat. By opening your boat up to other members, you can save thousands of dollars and still enjoy the boat as your own. Of course, this requires careful consideration, though, because owners will have to allow other members to use their boat. Is it safe? Are other members dependable? Yes. Our team has been operating owner-member programs on Lake Lanier for nearly a decade without any problems. We require serious training for all our members and won’t let them take the wheel unless they completed intensive training and received an ASA certification (101/103 or 114 for Catamarans). We also enforce strict guidelines for all members so that they adhere to the highest standards in safety, cleanliness, and operation. In fact, you’ll probably get to know the other members that reserve your sailboat! We promise – our owner-members are an integral part of the community here at Sunrise Sail.

We are presently looking for new boats to add to our SunRise Sail Fleet on Lake Lanier:

Hunters ( ),

Beneteau ( ),

Catalina ( and

Gemini Catamarans (video )

We have years of experience in Yacht sales with our in-house SunRise Sail Brokerage division.  We help residents in the Metro Atlanta area find and purchase the right yacht. With our long-standing associations in the industry, we can also help you find a financing option that fits your budget. Find the yacht of your dreams by partnering with an expert in the industry.

Please give us a call or request information below to discuss owning your own sailing yacht.  SunRise sail makes owning and sailing your new yacht easy!